Big island is islands of volcanoes! I realized that just after going away from Kona airport because the both sides of road are all black lava! It was first time to see the lava view. Thus it was interesting for us to see some type of volcanoes in Hawaii volcanoes national park. The park is huge, so if you want to see everything, I think it takes several days. We explored by car in a few hours.

At first, we walked through tropical rain forest. There are many tropical trees, so I felt like I was in jungle. Of course fresh air is there! It is refreshing time for us 🙂 After exploring the tropical rain forest area, we saw a big caldera. I was overwhelmed with majestic nature. I now live in Tokyo, so it was totally different world. And going down the mountain a little, we walked and sat on lava. It was also tremendous scenery. We felt power of lava a lot. Luckily we encountered biiig rainbow there. In a city area, we cannot see a full rainbow of 180 degrees, so I was excited to see it! At evening, we arrived at Halemaumau crater. Halemaumau is home to Pele(the Fire Goddess in the Hawaiian religion). At the big park, I wanted to see the revealing dull orange glow from incandescent activity. I saw it clearly!

It is a quick review of Hawaii volcanoes national park. Next time, I would like to see explosive lava and lava flows into the sea there 😉



まず、熱帯雨林を散策。熱帯樹ばかりで、まるでジャングルに来た気分になりました(笑)でも、こんな道を歩くことも日常はないのでいいリフレッシュ。熱帯雨林散策のあとは、大きなカルデラが目の前に広がる場所へ。壮大すぎる景色に圧倒されるばかりでした。東京で見る景色とは別世界。少し山を下り、今度は溶岩の上を歩いたり座ったり。これまた素晴らしい広大な景色。溶岩からはパワーをたくさんもらいました🙂 またここで、180度の虹に遭遇!都会にいると180度見れることはないので、感動でした。そして、夕方にはハレマウマウ火口へ。ハレマウマウはペレ(ハワイの神様)の家だとも言われているそうです。このオレンジ色のマグマと煙がでている感じを見られるのを1番楽しみにしていたので、しっかり見れて満足でした。


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