Have you ever seen a gold ice cream? I had seen it just in photos. Getting the ice cream wrapped in gold leaf (gold sheet) was in my wish list that I wanted to do in Kanazawa. Gold leaf was started to produce at the end of 16th century. Normally, gold leaf is used for traditional crafts like vessels and ornament etc. It is very thin that is only about 2/10,000 mm! Presently Kanazawa produces 99% of domestic gold leaf.

We got the ice cream in Hakuichi. ”Haku” means leaf, and Ichi means one. I think this is the one of the most famous store. You can buy not only the gold leaf ice cream but also many gold leaf goods in the store “Hakuichi”. Actually, gold has no flavor, so we can enjoy just eating gold and vanilla taste😉( the vanilla taste is yammy!!) It was interesting experience for me.


金箔アイスクリーム。初めて写真で見た時から気になっていた存在・・♡笑 金沢に行ったらぜひ手に取りたいと思っていました。金沢は国内の金箔生産率99%と金箔で有名な街。金箔の厚さは、1万分の1~2mmというから驚きです!


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