Beautiful wedding photo was one of my dreams. After we decided to get married, I was so excited to choose a studio for our wedding photos. I saw a bunch of wedding photos and I realized that I loved the wedding photos taken by Korean photographers. I cannot exactly say what is different from Japanese one, but I think Korean style wedding photos are more romantic and stylish. I feel it is like a scene from a movie 😉 ” (May be the one reason is that Korean studios have great set decoration) I was wondering we should go to Korea for wedding photos, but I finally found the Korean style photo studio in Japan! The studio is not in Tokyo but it takes less than 2 hours from Tokyo we live. I was sooo happy to find the studio.

I wore two types of wedding dress in this studio. One is Ball Gown type (like princess<3) and the other is Mermaid type. I looooove both types 😉 We got many beautiful wedding pictures, and I totally satisfied with them. I realized I love wedding dresses. If I have some chance, I would LOVE to have more wedding photos 😉 Actually, We have our small wedding party on November, so I am looking forward to it!


素敵なウエディングフォトを撮ってもらうのは、私の夢の1つでした。彼との結婚が決まるや否や、私は何よりも先にウェディングフォトスタジオを探し始めました(笑)た~くさんのウエディングフォトを見て、自分が何を求めていて、どんなテイストが好きなのか考えた結果、私が好きなのは韓国のウエディング写真だということが分かりました(^_^;)何が日本のウエディングフォトと違うのかというと、感覚的なものなので言葉には表しづらいですが、韓国のウエディングフォトはよりロマンチックでスタイリッシュな印象です。映画のワンシーンみたいな雰囲気・・♡ 韓国まで行くべきなのか密かに悩んでおりましたが、なんと茨城県に韓国ウエディングフォトを撮れるスタジオを発見し、そこに決めました。東京から茨城まで写真を撮りに・・(笑)でも日本ではそこでしか撮れないテイストにすっかり惚れてしまっておりました。





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