I’m back from Bali trip! It is first time to go to Bali and the trip is life changing for me because it was so wonderful! I realize I love Asian resort and I must go to more more trip! In this time, we stayed at Ayana resort & spa. The resort hotel is marvelous! There are many great pools and facilities. I will write about Ayana resort in upcoming post, so today I just share the breakfast at Ayana. As I posted in previous post, I looove breakfast so much😉 I had breakfast in three different restaurants during our Ayana stay.

Padi Restaurant
The restaurant is located near main lobby of Ayana resort. It is surrounded by greens and ponds. Padi is very Bali style restaurant. There are many variety of cuisine, like Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Western-style too. I love to have a breakfast outside, so we chose the seat in front of ponds. I love the chocolate bread here🙂 Many bread, salad, fresh juice..There are so many choices.

To’ge Restaurant
This restaurant is in Rimba that is next to Ayana resort & spa. Rimba is also Ayana’s group, so guest can enjoy the pools and restaurants of both facilities. To’ge restaurant is very stylish and modern taste. We chose terrace seat near pond(again! I love near water🙂) In the restaurant, there are also many type of cuisine.

Dava Restaurant
Dava is located in villa area, so the gusts that stay at Ayana resort or Rimba need to pay extra money for having breakfast here. It cost only Rp.65,000 per person.(about 5~6 dollar). We didn’t stay in villa, so we pay a little and enjoy the Dava breakfast. (of course our seat is terrace again!) I am greedy for enjoying breakfast😉 The breakfast is great! It is not buffet style, but order style. We can order much as we like from the menu. We ordered Pouch of Egg with salmon(the salmon was so yummy!), eggs benedict, French toast, acai bowl, and fruits plate! I wanted to eat more but my stomach was totally full. The breakfast was gorgeous♡ I had a breakfast with pink flower in my back. I love the pink flowers at Ayana resort.


バリの旅から戻りました♡ 人生観が変わるような楽しくて想い出に残る最高の旅となりました!今回の旅でアジアリゾートにもっと行きたくなり、もっと旅をしないとという気持ちになりました。今回のバリ旅では、アヤナリゾートに宿泊しましたが、このリゾートホテルが噂通り素晴らしいところでした。アヤナについてはまた別の記事で書くとして・・今回はアヤナでの朝食にスポットを当てて記事を書きたいと思います。前回での記事でもふれたように私は朝食の時間が大好きで・・♡ 欲張って、朝食が食べられる3会場すべてで朝食を堪能してきました♪笑

パディ レストラン

こちらはアヤナリゾートの隣のリンバにあるレストランです。リンバもアヤナリゾートの一部なので、どちらのレストランやプールも自由に利用ができます。リンバ全体がモダンでスタイリッシュなので、こちらのレストランもとてもスタイリッシュ。またしても池の近くのテラス席を確保して、朝食を頂きました♡ トゥゲもインドネシア料理、和食を様々な料理がありました^^


Padi(Ayana Resort)↓


To’ge (Rimba)↓


Dava Restaurant(Villas)↓



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