Finally, our wedding day came! We had a small wedding party in Fukuoka, Japan. Fukuoka is south part of Japan and my husband’s home town. To be honest, we didn’t have plan to have wedding party at first, but our parents really want us to do that, so we decided to have a small wedding ceremony. My mother really wanted to see me wearing  wedding dress😉 So we invited only our family and relatives.

About 6 months, we were shooting wedding photo (here) as memory of engagement & marriage. Thus I would like to wear other type of wedding dress. I chose Ball Gown and long train type. The dress was elegant, so I think the dress matches chapel. (I am not Christian, but many Japanese couple have a wedding ceremony in Chapel. I know it is little strange, but is is Japanese unique culture.). The wedding place is Wedding Island Marizon that is surrounded by sea. I love the location, and I chose the place🙂 From reception hall, we could overlook the beautiful beach and sea.

I was so pleased that I met my husband’s relatives ( I first met some people) and talk with all attendance. The wedding day was memorable moment for us! We were engaged in January, married in March and had wedding ceremony in November, 2017. 2017 is special year for us ♡


結婚式がついに終わりました。結婚式は旦那さんの地元である福岡で。実は、私たちはもともと結婚式はやらなくていいかな~なんて思っていましたが、両親の意向もありやることに^^ 母が私のウエディングドレスを見たいと言っていたし、やらないわけにもいかず(^^;)大きなパーティーをするつもりは全然なかったので、家族と親戚だけを招待する小さめの結婚式をいたしました。


結婚式では、初めてお会いする旦那さんの親戚の方ともお会いでき、出席してくださったみなさんとお話しできてよかったです。すごくアットホームな雰囲気でできたので、やっぱり親戚だけの結婚式にしてよかった♡ 今年はじめに婚約して、3月に結婚して、11月に結婚式。私たちにとって2017年は結婚にまつわる1年で特別な年となりました。



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