Hello 2018! I cannot believe about 10 days have passed already. I wish you a year full of love, joy and good luck! In end of 2017, we enjoyed many Christmas lights event. I would like to share about them today. In Tokyo, there are a lot of beautiful Christmas lights spots, and I will write about 3 spots in this post.

The blue lights event is very popular winter sparkle in Tokyo. The event is Ao no dokutsu in Japanese, it means blue grotto (blue cave). This has been on my mind for some years, but I had never seen it. Thus it was first time for me to see the Tokyo blue cave.( By the way, I would looove to see the real blue grotto in Capri, because I could not see it when I visited Capri..) Of course, it is not cave but it is row of trees that are decollated with a bunch of blue LEDs. The main venue is the 300 meter long pedestrian street and reflective sheet is laid in the center of the street. It was totally amazing blue world! This is a great time to stroll along, but there are loads of people 😉

In the Yebisu Christmas lights area, you can enjoy Christmas tree, red carpet, small Christmas market and Baccarat chandelier. The light was yellow and I felt very Christmassy atmosphere! The Christmas tree itself was so beautiful and it matched red carpet. Not only that, there is a big Baccarat chandelier. It was elegant one. In behind the amazing chandelier, we found YEBISU GARDEN RINK. I skated there. It was not made of ice, it was resin panel. The skate with colorful lights was fuuuun! I liked Yebisu garden place Christmas event♡

In the middle of the high office buildings, you can find Carretta Shiodome illumination. (In Japan, illumination means Christmas lights) The area was smaller than I expected but it was incredibly beautiful. In this year, the Christmas lights were collaborated with Beauty and the Beast, so we could see Beauty and the Beast show every 15 minutes. The character did not appear, but we enjoyed music and brilliant lights show. The Rose was displayed there, and it was also great! I thought the event is good place for children compering with other Christmas lights event🙂



青の洞窟 | 渋谷
東京で人気のイルミネーションスポットの1つ。毎年気になってはいましたが、今回初めて行ってきました(^^)予想通りの人の多さではありましたが(笑)、思っていた以上にきれいでした♡ 行く前までは木に青いイルミネーションライトをつけているだけかと思っておりましたが、道の真ん中に光を反射するシートが敷いてあり、それがさらにきれいな青の世界を作っていたように感じます。イルミネーションが施されているケヤキ並木を通った先には屋台も並んでいて、立派な一大イベントとなっておりました^^ 青の洞窟といえば、イタリアのカプリ島でも沖縄でも、天候・条件に恵まれず見られなかった思い出が(^_^;)今度こそは本当の青の洞窟を見てみたいな・・(笑)

恵比寿ガーデンプレイス | 恵比寿

カレッタ汐留 |汐留
高層ビルが立ち並ぶ中、この美しいイルミネーションイベントが行われておりました。こちらも毎年SNSで見かける気になっていたイルミネーションでしたが、今年初めて行ってきました。思っていたより規模は小さかったですが、とてもきれいなイルミネーション。今年は美女と野獣とのコラボレーションもやっていて15分間隔でショーもやっておりました。ショーといっても美女と野獣のキャラクターは登場しませんが、音と光に煙がでてきたりしてショーもきれいでした。前方中央に美女と野獣のバラも展示されており、それがまた人気のよう^^ 他のイルミネーションイベントよりも子供が楽しみやすいイベントのように感じました♪


BLUE CAVE (青の洞窟)








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