Do you know where Saga prefecture is? Japan’s four main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. Saga is located in the north west of Kyushu. It is first time to visit Saga in this time. I think there are many attractive spot in Saga.

◯Yutoku Inari shrine (祐徳稲荷神社)
When you visit Saga prefecture, Yutoku Inari shrine is must visit place! The shrine is considered as one of three most important Inari shrines in Japan, The vivid red buildings and the surrounded green forest creates amazing scenery like nowhere else. The main hall stands on tall wooden beams 18 meters above the valley floor, like Kyoto’s Kiyomizudera Temple. And the shrine is built into the steep hillside of a valley. There are many Torii gates on the hill. I felt it is little similar to Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari shrine. We went up to top of the valley and we were surprised that it was steeper and longer way than we expected. It takes about 20 minutes, but it definitely worth it!  I didn’t know there is a such as gorgeous shrine in Saga. I would like to visit here again!

◯Ouo shrine / Kaichu torii(大魚神社・海中鳥居)
This is Kaichu torii shrine in Saga prefecture, Kyusyu. Kaichu means “under the sea” When tide is high, the red torii gates become submerged in water. When tide is low, it allowed us to cross the torii and take a short stroll like my photos⛩I think both situations are beautiful!

〇Kakiyaki kan(かき焼館)
Kakiyaki Kan means Oyster shop. Oyster is famous in Saga prefecture. We found some Oyster restaurants near Ouo shrine. You can eat fresh and delicious oyster! Here is map of the oyster restaurant:  Check out my video below!

〇Takeo shirine(武雄神社)
Takao shrine is famous for the huge camphor tree “Ohkusu”. It is estimated that the Ohkusu is about 3000 years old. It is 6 largest tree in Japan. In this country, it is believed that God dwells in the universe for a very long time. Especially ancient people prayed and gave thanks to huge trees and rocks. So the Ohkusu is also respected as a holy tree. When you visit Takeo shrine, you see white main hall at first. I thought it was very unique because most of shrine’s main hall is red. Then you walked thought bamboo groves, and you can see the huge camphor tree. This place is a good place to visit!

〇Hamanoura Rice Terraces(浜野浦の棚田)
Beautiful rice terraces in Saga prefecture🌾 It is amazing view, but I think spring season is more beautiful because the terraces are filled with water and the rice hasn’t grown tall yet. Around April to May, sun sets over the water and the rice terraces reflected colors of the sun set. It’s very photo worthy! So I want to go there again to see beautiful reflection.

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