Matsuri means festival in Japan. There are a lot of local Matsuri in Japan because many shrine celebrates one of its own. Mitama Matsuri at Yasukuni Shrine is one of Tokyo’s most popular summer festivals. It has been held every year since 1947 and it attracts around 300,000 visitors nowadays. Mitama Matsuri is held around 15, July for 4 days every year.  In this year (2019), it is held July 13 to 16.
This festival is especially famous for the 30,000 lanterns. It is my first time to go to Mitama Matsuri in this year and it was so amazing! I had never seen such a bunch of the lanterns. They are beautiful and very Instagram worthy. Not only the lanterns, you can see  Mikoshi parades, concerts and Bon dance performances( Japanese traditional dance) over the four days. Of course there are some food and drink stalls so you can enjoy street foods too. We love Mitama Maturi and want to enjoy it next year too!
特に目を引くのが3万個にもなる提灯。こんなに多い提灯は初めて見ました。すごくきれいで写真映えもします。提灯だけではなく、おみこしがあり、盆踊りが行われていたりで、夏のお祭り気分をたっぷり味わえました。熱気もありいるだけで楽しめます^^ もちろん出店もたくさんでておりました。また来年も行きたいです♪

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