During autumn season, We went to Gunma prefecture to catch the falling leaves and bright colors of the season. Gunma prefecture is a landlocked prefecture in the Kanto Region (Tokyo area) and it takes about 2.5 hours from center of Tokyo. Besides colored leaves, there are many place to see! I
summarized Gunma spots where we went in 2019.

〇 Haruna shrine (榛名神社)
Haruna shrine is said to have been built about 1,400 years ago. This is a big shrine and the main shrine is a 700 meters walk uphill from the entrance. During waking the path, you can enjoy the autumn color a lot too. On your journey you will meet with large sculptures of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune and monuments erected to the many anniversaries of the shrine. Up the stairs and then some will have you finally reaching the main shrine. Around the top of shire, the colored leaves were amazing!
榛名神社は、 1400年を越える歴史を持つを言われている大きな神社です。 随神門から本殿までつづく約700mの参道では、紅葉を存分に楽しむことができました。またその参道の途中には七福神があちらこちらにいらっしゃいました。階段を上り、見えてくる本殿。本殿のあたりは更に紅葉が素晴らしかったです。

The shape of Mt. Haruna resembles Mt.Fuji. Around Haruna lake, there were many beautiful colored leaves. Some people enjoyed boats and fishing, it was very peaceful area. If you like nature, Gunma is a great place to visit.

○ Koizumi Inari shrine (小泉稲荷神社)
There are three lines of torii gates standing 100 meters each. The tori gates were donated to the shrine by worshippers. This place is very Photo worthy.

〇Shorinzan Daruma Temple(少林山達磨寺)
Shorinzan Darumaji Temple in Takasaki, Gunma prefecture. These red dolls are called Daruma, which are Japan’s one of the most popular good luck charms. This temple was constructed in 1697 and daruma dolls which completed its task for the past year are brought and piled up in the temple.
群馬県高崎市の少林山達磨寺。達磨大師の教えを受け継ぐ縁起だるま発祥の寺として有名です。このお寺には役目を終えた達磨さんたちがたくさん重ねられておりました 。

〇 Kashozan Mirokuji Temple( 迦葉山弥勒寺)
Do you know Tengu? Tengu are one of the most well-know creatures of Japanese folklore. Originally, tengu were spirits of Shinto religion and troublesome opponents of Buddhism. This picture was taken in Kashozan Mirokuji Temple, Gunma prefecture. This temple has over 800 years history. There is the largest tengu mask which is 6.5-meter face and 2.8-meter nose.

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