When you would like to see beautiful sakura(cherry blossoms), Ogi is one of the greatest places to visit! It was first time to go to Ogi and we didn’t expect to see such a beautiful scenery in this city.


Ogi park(小城公園)

Sakura in Ogi park are so amazing🌸There are about 3000 sakura trees there. They are full boom in 30, March when we went to there. It was the best timing. I think many lanterns make good scenery too. During sakura festival, you can also see illuminated sakura at night. They were also beautiful. It’s worth seeing. Even though it is a great place to see sakura, there are not so many people like Tokyo or Kyoto etc, so you can enjoy sakura a lot!


Yokan /sweet bean past jelly (ようかん)

Yokan is a traditional Japanese sweet. Sweetened red bean paste is shaped into a bar. Ogi is famous for Yokan, and there are over 20 Yokan shops in this city. We got 18 Yokan bars that have different flavors, so we excited to try them! Banana flavor, wine flavor, green tea flavor etc… And we went to Muraoka Sohonpo Yokan Museum and learned history of Yokan there.


Suga shrine(須賀神社)

In front of Muraoka Sohonpo Yokan Museum, you can see a looong stairs. It is Suga shrine. I was surprised about the long and steep stairs! We didn’t get up there, just see it from bottom of the stairs..


Koi fish cuisine(鯉料理)

You can eat Koi fish in Ogi city. I had never eaten Koi fish before, so I was little nervous to try it. We had Koi fish cuisine as dinner at Ryokan(Japanese style hotel) that we stayed. Actually, the taste of sauce was strong, so I couldn’t get a taste Koi fish themselves. Anyway it was a good experience.

小城市は、鯉料理も有名です。私は鯉を食べたことは今までなかったので、食べる前はおいしいのか、食べられるのか少々不安でした(笑)私たちは泊らせて頂いた旅館の夕飯として、鯉料理を頂きました。実際食べてみるとソースの味が濃いので、鯉自体の味はほぼしませんでした。私は柚子胡椒が大好きなので、柚子胡椒の味をむしろ楽しんでいた感じに・・汗 でも初めてだったので良い経験になりました。

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