Itoshima is part of Fukuoka, Kyushu. Fukuoka is my husband’s home town, so I have been to Fukuoka several times. But it is first time to visit Itoshima in this time! It is such a beautiful area and I love it. Itoshima is great for driving and enjoying nature.

〇Tateishi mountain(立石山)
From top of the mountain, you can see amazing view! It is a good mountain for hiking and it takes about minutes 15 to 60 minutes.( It depends on which entrance you start from). We plannes 15 minutes course, but accidentally chose 45 minutes course.. However it was great because the view from climbing road was so beautiful. This mountain is not so high but there are many big rocks, so sneakers are needed for hiking even if you choose short climbing road. This is entrance address for 15minutes corse! here

↓You sometimes need to climb this kind of rocks😅(こういう岩々を上って行かないといけない場所があったりします。)

〇Sakurai Futamigaura(桜井二見ヶ浦)
The view of the white Torii gate with the couple rock is beautiful. It is famous for especially beauty of sunset. We went to there noon time, and it is also great. White Torii gate is kind of rare and I love the white and blue combination.

〇Palm trees swing(ヤシの木ブランコ)
Palm trees swing is very Instagrammable spot in Itoshima. It is part of Zauo restaurant and free to swing. There is a donation box for palm trees nearby and I think we should donate a little when we use the swing. Anyway palm trees and white sand are very good for photos. I enjoyed it!

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