It was our second time on Hawaii, but it was first time on Big Island! (We went to Oahu last year) In this time, we decided to stay at Hilton Waikoloa village. When I arrived there, I was amazed by the huge resort. There are three big towers the guests can stay and large pools. In addition to that, trams and boats run though the resort hotel! We stayed at Ocean Tower, and our room had beautiful ocean view.

We went around and enjoy many spot in Waikoloa village😉 Hummock, Buddha point, and ice cream etc.. Among them, our most memorable moment was sunset dinner! Sun set was sooo beautiful!! I could not believe easily it was real. It was amazing red and orange colors. I was so happy to have a dinner with the wonderful sunset. And torches are lit after sunset. I loved the flaming torches mood.

For Hawaii I bought the white off-shoulder dress. I love it, so I think I will bring it next trip too! At the village, we took many pictures, so I hope you can enjoy them🙂



ワイコロアビレッジ内は一通り散策し楽しみましたが、1番感動したのは、サンセットディナーでした。あんなに綺麗なサンセットは初めて見ました。そんなサンセットとのディナーは本当に良い思い出です^^ また日が沈むとたいまつに火が灯されるのですが、それもまたいい雰囲気で好きでした。


↓the view from our room(ホテルの部屋からの景色)

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