Besakih Temple(Pura Besakih )is biggest temple in Bali. We didn’t think it was big temple at first, but by walking in the temple we recognized it was huge! The view from the top of the long stairs was so nice! Unfortunately the day was cloudy and we couldn’t see clear view, but it was still good. Besakih Temple is mother of temple so many people come there and pray. We were surprised that they who wore white clothes and colorful sarong made very long line after praying and went out from the temple. In Besakih Temple, there were many areas for pray and between them there were narrow alleys. That was interesting for us😉

We went there with a guide who took us hotel to many spots we wanted to see in Bali. So we didn’t experience bad thing that is like ask for high price donation. The entrance fee was not including in sarong, so I think it is better to bring own sarong before you arrive the temple because they ty to sell overpriced sarong around there. Anyway, the temple itself was very beautiful, and it was good experience!

PS. From point of fashion, I should have worn maxi dress (because it is not needed sarong)or white tops(because white matches every color!). I borrowed the sarong from our guide, so I didn’t know the color of sarong. It was not perfect for me because the colors of my clothes and sarong didn’t match. It is just my experience that gave me something to think about😉



私たちは、ガイドさんとこの場所を訪れたので、特に嫌な経験はしませんでした。私たちにとっては良い寺院という印象で終わっていたので、後からインターネットのクチコミをみて、現地のガイドが高いお布施を求めてくることが多いということを知り驚きました。 ここの寺院は入場料にサロン代は含まれていないようですし、この寺院の周りで売っているサロンは高いようなので、自分で持っていくことをオススメします。(日本人が頼むガイドさんはサロンを持っていてくれる場合も多いそうなので確認した方が良いと思います。)色んな評判は書かれているようですが、寺院自体は素敵ですし、行ってよかったです♪

PS. ファッションの観点からですと、ここにはマキシドレスか白いトップスを着ていけばよかったです。マキシドレスだと、サロンを撒く必要はありませんし、白いトップスはどの色のサロンでもマッチするので^^この時はガイドさんがサロンを貸してくれました。サロンの色とか考えずに赤い服を着て行ってしまいましたが、このトップスとサロンの色の組み合わせはあんまり好きではないかな・・(^_^;)でもこの寺院とサロンの雰囲気があってってよかった^^これはただの私の反省点です(笑)


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