Actually, I lived in Yokohama for a long time. So it is not so tourist spot for me. But I moved to Tokyo, I didn’t have chance to visit recently. Thus I went to Yokohama for the first time in a while 🙂 By the way, it takes about an hour from Tokyo to Yokohama (it is not so far) When you go to Yokohama (Minatomirai area), I especially recommend night view of Yokohama.

Cup Noodle Museum: The museum was opened in 2011. So it is new Yokohama spot. In this time, it was first time to go there for me. It was quite unique place. The design was modern and there are some artificial things. And of course we can learn Cup Noodle! (e.g. how to be invented etc.) I was surprised Momohuku Ando who was first inventor of cup noodle in the world was 48 years old when he starts to study noodle. In addition to that, cup noodle was born when he was 61years old! In this museum, we can make (cook?) our only cup noodle. (I think the cup noodle making is one of the main parts in the museum, but actually we didn’t do this. Maybe when I have a child, I will do it 😉 )

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse: I like this place because I feel I come to Yokohama! The Red Brick Warehouse is one of the symbols of Yokohama. And I also like the retro mood🙂 In the warehouse, there are some shops, so we can buy food, clothes, variety goods and souvenirs etc. Most of time, I just enjoy going around there. At the place, “Bills restaurant” is there. The restaurant is from Australia, it is very popular as “The best breakfast in the world”

Manyo Club:This is hot springs and hotel. Of course we can enjoy only hot springs and relaxing. There are some hot springs and saunas etc. The amenities offered are great as well. In the Manyo Club, what I recommend the most is I foot bath on the roof floor! It has an amazing view of Ferris wheel! I think it is better to go to there at night.

Ōsanbashi Pier: The pier is terminal of Cruise Ships. It is not just terminal but it has unique design. If you go to there before sunset, you can enjoy the design. At the night, we can see beautiful night view of Yokohama from here. I think night is better 😉



カップヌードルミュージアム:2011年にできたとうこともあり、私にとってわりと新しい横浜観光スポット。今回初めて行ってきました。ただのミュージアムではなく、内装はデザインにとても凝っている印象でした。驚いたのは世界で初めてカップヌードルを発明した安藤百福(あんどう ももふく)さんは、48歳で初めてラーメンの研究をし始め、61歳の時にやっとカップヌードルが開発されたということでした。このミュージアムのメインパートでもある自分だけのカップヌードル作りは、今回しませんでしたがきっと子供を持った時には参加すると思います^^




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