Autumn is here! We wanted to feel autumn mood, so we researched where the best in Tokyo is and found Showa Kinen Park(Showa Memorial Park)! The park is very large and there are several rows of yellow ginkgo trees. We arrived there before opening hour 9:30 for avoiding the crowds 😉 And we entered from Akishima gate not from a main gate (Tachikawa gate) because the long rows of ginko tree is the nearest from Akishima gete. There are also beautiful rows of ginko trees near main gete, but the other is longer line. (By the way, ginko is called ‘ichou” in Japanese)

When I saw the rows of trees, I was overwhelmed with the amazing view. The lines of yellow leaves trees were sooo beautiful! The leaves that fell to the ground made yellow carpet. It was magical. After enjoying the area, we headed to main gate area. On the way, we found red colored trees and a big pond. We got a boat in the pond and enjoyed more autumn🙂 From the boat, we could see another colored bunch of trees. It was also good.

Finally, we arrived the other ginko trees area near main gate(Tachikawa gate) and we were surprised at many crowds. It was past 11 o’clock. A lot of people came here to see the beautiful trees. Anyway, the ginko trees were perfect! There are two streets of ginko trees from the entrance to the inner park. These look particular splendid! We enjoyed the park a lot. It was totally worth it!



お目当てのイチョウ並木を見た瞬間、美しさにうっとり。 地面に落ちたイチョウが黄色いカーペットを作っているのが本当にきれいでした。行ってよかった♡ かたらいのイチョウ並木を楽しんだあとは、立川口カナール並木を目指して歩きました。その途中にきれいなもみじを見たり、大きな池を見たり・・。大きな池は、水鳥の池というそうで、そこで手漕ぎボートにも乗りました^^ この池辺りから広がる紅葉の景色もきれいでした。


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