Our wedding was in Shinya(my husband)’s home town, so we went to his parent’s house. Surprisingly, his father had special gift for us. The gift was a wedding board (wedding paint)! When we were relaxed at home, the women who paint our wedding board brought to home surprisingly. We didn’t expect that! When I first saw the wedding board, I was very impressed with that. It was sooooo beautiful!

To be honest, we wanted to celebrate our wedding in Germany at first. The reason is that my family lived in Germany 20 years ago. So I wanted to go back again with my family and Shinya’s family. We tried to go through the plan, but several problems were there and we changed the plan. Shinya’s father knew that we wanted to go to Germany, so he ordered the wedding board secretly. Our wedding photo was used in the wedding paint, and the background is Rothenburg,Germany! What a beautiful idea it is! I loooved the paint, and thank to Shinya’s father sooo much!






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