It was the first time we’be been to Gifu prefecture. There are lot of places to see there. We stayed 2 days in Gifu.   On the first day, we enjoyed Takayama and Hida Furukawa.  今回の岐阜旅行で、初めて岐阜に行きました。見るところがたくさんありとても良いところです。岐阜に2日間滞在し、1日目は高山市と飛騨古川町を楽しみました。

Takayama is set in the beautiful mountains of northern Gifu prefecture in an area known as Hida. This city is known as a “little Kyoto” for its preserved, historic, wooden buildings. It is famous for its traditional crafts, local food, fine sake and onsen(hot spring)While walking through Sanmachi Street, we saw a line for Hide Kotte Ushi, and we got beef sushi there. You can enjoy a lot of street foods in Sanmachi street.

The Showa era in Japan is the span from 1926 to 1989. The name Showa can be translated as “the era of enlightened peace,” but it can also mean “the era of Japanese glory.”  When you enter to this museum, you can time travel to 1950s in Japan. Many old things from Showa era are preserved there. There are barber shop, doctor’s office, toy store, school room, theater etc  in this museum, and of course all things are from Showa era. There are lot of things I have never seen before. I love this place! Takayama showakan museum is must-visit place in Takayama!

Hida beaf is very famous in Takayama. If you want to taste Hida beaf, I recommend “Suzuya restaurant”. The food were great and staffs were very kind. We enjoyed Sukiyaki there.More information is here:

For the fans of  the movie  “Kimi no Na wa ” / ” Your Name”, Hida Furukawa is a must see during your visit in the Gifu Prefecture. Hida Furukawa is located only about a 15 minute train ride north of the city of Takayama. You can experience Kumihimo Braiding here. You may know it, if you are fan of “Kimi no Na wa”. It’s the intertwining of ropes to make unique braid patterns. It took only about 30 minutes. I experienced it at kimono Oobora (here: After Kumihimo, we went to Hida Furukawa station. This station also used in ” Kimi no Na wa”.  We just saw the same place with the movie. I didn’t go to the library in this city, but the library is also used in the movie 🙂

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