I’m back from Hokkaido trip ! Hokkaido is northernmost prefecture of Japan🙂 To tell the truth, I got a flu and was in bed for days from back this trip…Now finally I can sit in front of my laptop and write my blog. I’m happy to get better now🙂. I have several things to tell about Hokkaido and I will tell you about Ice Village at first!

Ice village is in Hoshino resort Tomamu. We stayed at the hotel, but everyone who does not stay enjoy the village. The village was small but very beautiful! There are atelier, sweets shop, flower decollated shop, bar, church and hotel etc. We entered to every stores and enjoyed them. I was fascinated at all the stores and I loved especially the ice bar! I drunk cocktail with ice glass. The icy glass cocktails were beautiful✨ What a magical experience it was! Counter table and chairs are also made of ice. I felt like I came to other country like North Pole! Other place like hotels or Church were also amazing. I cannot believe someone made them. Check the pictures of beautiful ice village! Hope you like them.



アイスビレッジは、星野リゾートトマムの敷地内にあります。星野リゾートトマムの宿泊者でなくてもアイスビレッジは入ることができます^^ このアイスビレッジの中には、アトリエ、スイーツショップ、フラワーショップ、氷の教会、ホテルなど色んな施設がありました。私たちは全部のお店に足を踏み入れてみました。どのお店も好きだったけど、特に好きだったのはアイスバーでした。氷でできたグラスでカクテルを飲む体験なんて初めて。見かけもきれいでかわいい~。カウンタバーやイスも氷でできていて、日本ではなくて北極とかもっと遠くの国に来た気分^^笑 教会やホテルも見学しましたが、全部氷でできているなんて信じられないくらいきちんとできていて驚きました。写真を下にアップするので楽しんでいただけると嬉しいです。






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