When winter comes, I feel I want to see snow.. It is not so often snow in Tokyo, so we need to go to snowy area❄ Last year, we went to Hokkaido, and in this year we decided to go to Fukushima.

〇Ouchi juku(大内宿)
The No.1 reason to choose Fukushima, I just want to see Ouchi-juku. Thick thatched roof houses are variety of shops, restaurants and minshuku(Japanese styled hotels). The snowy scenery is very beautiful. The town was used as post town. People would walk for several days on the road, and then stay the night in one of these post towns along the way. I was little sad a half of these shops are closed in winter, but I enjoyed the town. Most interesting experience is Green onion soba noodle!( it is called Negi soba in Japanese) It is not just put green onion on soba noodle, but we need to eat it WITH green onion, The Negi soba is very famous in Ouchijuku and it was first time for me to try it. You can bite the green onion during eating it and enjoy soba noodle and onion taste. It was fun and delicious!


〇Tsuruga castle / Aizu wakamatsu castle(鶴ヶ城/若松城)
I like to go to Japanese castle recently because I can learn history there. I learned about Byakkotai samurai that means White Tiger Force here. Byakkotai was a group of over 300 teenage samurai of the Aizu area and they are very famous in Japanese history. Castle have always many history of their town I think learning history makes traveling more fun and thoughtful. Visitors can climb to the top floor of the castle and you can look out onto the surrounding city. The inside of the castle is like a history museum. You can learn history of the castle and the samurai lifestyle.

This was Samurai school for kids. Original one was built in 1803. At that time, the Aizu area had many problem, so leaders decided to strengthen education and built Nisshinkan. In this school, kids could learn many subjects like manner, Shinto, Japanese philology, astronomy, music, medicine, archery, sword etc.. When I arrived Nisshinkan, I was surprised that this sumurai school is huge, but I learned about school and I found why the school is big. This building is not original but I think it is worth going!

〇Lake Inawashiro(猪苗代湖)
We went to this lake (Nagahama area of Lake Inawashiro) to see swan, but we saw maaany ducks and little swan😂We arrived there about 9:30am. I had never seen such a huge number of ducks and it was so fun! When I fed bred to them, they were gathering around me. It was cold but it passed 1 hour so quickly. When you go to this place, you must have many bread!

〇Tadamikawa bridge view point(只見川第1橋梁展望台)
It is famous for beautiful rail way photo spot! It is near Mishima Juku Roadside Station.(This is not train station it is car station). It takes only 3 minutes from this parking to the view point. The train pass only 6 times a day, so you need to check timetable and go to there little early because tha timetable is not so punctual.
鉄道写真スポットとして有名な場所。インスタグラムで見たことはあったけれど、まさか自分がここに来れるとは思っていませんでした。すごく山奥に行かないといけないのかと思っておりましたが、なんと「道の駅 尾瀬街道みしま宿」のすぐそば。車を止めて3分ほどで着いてしまう場所でした。寒いときは嬉しいこの近さ(笑)1日に6本くらいしか電車が通らないので事前に時刻表を見ていくのと少し早めに到着するのがオススメです。私たちの時は時刻表より3分くらい早く電車が来て慌てたので・・笑 それにしてもきれいな雪景色の絶景でした!

Time table(sorry for only Jananese)


Last but not least, we loved lunch at Mitsutaya! This shop is popular for Miso. And you can eat grilled food with sweet miso paste. These food were sooo good! I loved especially Mochi and konjac (yam cake). I also enjoyed to see grill with hearth. Atmosphere is great and taste is great! I recommend this restaurant / shop! You can also buy many Miso products here. I bought 2 Miso pack here, because I want to try cooking similar one in my home too.





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