At the beginning of this month, we went to Kitakyushyu, Fukuoka because Shinya ( my husband)’ s parents house is there. During staying at Fukuoka, Going to Kawachi wisteria park is one of the things that we were looking forward to. In the wisteria park, we can see beeeautiful colorful wisteria! One thing we need to be careful is we have to buy tickets for a specific date and time slot in advance when you go to this park during peak of wisteria season.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy and started to raining when we visited in this wisteria garden. We bought fixed date tickets (needed to buy them) in advance, we cannot change the visit date. ( I think it is not good point of advanced ticket🤔 )  But I think there were less people because of the weathere. Aside from bad weather, we enjoyed these wisteria a lot! The most famous in this park is two wisteria tunnels, and I love that tunnels. The tunnels are not only purple and dropping flowers were amazing. I heard this year’s wisteria condition is not good comparing with other year, but I think they were still so beautiful.I hope you enjoy there photos♡


今月の始めに、旦那さんの実家がある福岡の北九州に行ってきました♪北九州ですることで特に楽しみにしていたのが、河内藤園に行くことでした。藤の見頃に河内藤園に行く時は、 事前に日・時間指定のチケットを持って行かないと入れないので気をつけなればいけません💡

河内藤園に私たちが行った日は、残念ながら曇り空・・そして途中から雨が降るという悪条件でしたが、それでも藤はきれいでしたし、そのぶん人がいなかったように思います(^o^)日付指定のチケットを買ってるので、雨予報でも違う日にずらせないのが、日付指定はちょっと困りますね(´・ω・`) 天候はともかくとして、藤はとってもきれいでした。この藤園の1番の見所の藤のトンネルも、写真で見た通り美しい・・♡今年は天候の関係で例年よりも藤の状態が良くないとは聞いていましたが、それでも藤はきれいでした。河内藤園での写真を楽しんで頂けると嬉しいです😀



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