Cherry blossoms season is over in Japan, but of course spring mood is still here. In this time, I enjoyed spring so much. I went to many place that beautiful flowers were blooming. Thus I will share about the beautiful flowers spots around Tokyo♡

○Akebonoyama Agricultural Park (Akebono sangyo Park)
Akebonoyama Agricultural Park is in Chiba prefecture. It takes 50 minutes from Tokyo station to Abiko station by train and 15 minutes from Abiko to this park. The tulip field in this park is amazing! There is also a wind mill. so the scenery is like a Holland. The tulips filed is colorful and specious(of course it is smaller than Holland ones) And we can enter to this tulips field whenever you like. So if you want to take beautiful pictures, I recommend you should go to there early morning because there are not so many people.

○Hitachi Seaside Park ( Hitachi kaihin Park)
I’ve been wanting to go to this park for a long time. Hitachi seaside park is very famous for a amazing blue flowers hill. The blue flowers are called Neophilia. Even thought the park is bit far from Tokyo( It is in Ibaraki prefecture), many people go to the park from Tokyo. It takes 1.5 hours from Tokyo station to Katsuta station by Express trains(One way ticket 4212 yen). And It takes 20 minutes Katsuta staion to the park by bus. Thus it takes 2 hours from Tokyo. We went to Hitachi seaside park before opening time 9 am, but the park was already opened and many people were there.. I could not believe everyone came so early. Hitachi Seaside Park is too famous in Japan, so it is always busy during Nemophila season. When you go to this park, be careful the crowds😉 Aside the crowds, Nemophila is of course very beautiful. I cannot forget the blune scenery. Not only Nemophila tulips are also beautiful in this park.

〇 Shiofune-Kannon-ji Temple
Shiohune kannnon temple is located in suburb of Tokyo , but it takes about one hours from Tokyo station to Kawabe station, and 10 minutes by bus. I love the garden of this temple because it is so colorful and cute♡ All azalea trees are trimmed into sphere shape. I have never seen the scenery, and I was so excited when I saw these azaleas. You can walk into the azalea bushes, so you can enjoy them a lot. Best time to visit is around middle Apr to Early May. I think it is worth to visit there!



〇 あけぼの山農業公園

ネモフィラで有名なこちらの公園。前から1度行ってみたいと思っていた場所でした。常磐線特急に乗っていざ勝田駅まで。9:30開園だったのに、9:20分くらいに到着したら、もうすでに開いており、かなりの人が・・・(´・ω・`)ガーン 朝一に行っても、あんなに人がたくさんいたのは、この公園が初めてでした(笑)東京からは結構な距離あるのに、こんな人が集まるのは本当にすごいなと改めて感た瞬間。人の多さは別にして、念願だったネモフィラを見れて感動でした ✨一度は見てみたい世界の絶景とも呼ばれているところに一度足を運べてよかったです。ここはチューリップもきれいでネモフィラとダブルで楽しめました♪



↓Akebonoyama Agricultural Park (あけぼの山農業公園)


↓Hitachi Seaside Park ( ひたち海浜公園)


↓Shiofune-Kannon-ji Temple(塩船観音寺)


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