I have many articles that I have not uploaded yet, but I would like to share about Miyajidake shrine at first because we can see popular Way of Light in only this month (October) and February. That is breathtaking sight that straight line all the way to the sea from the steps of the approach to Miyajidake Shrine.
まだアップしていない記事がたくさんあるのですが、先に宮地嶽神社について記事を更新します♪その理由は、宮地嶽神社の有名な光の道が今月(10月)と2月にしか見れないので旬な話題ということで^^ 光の道とは神社より参道の先にある相島に夕陽が沈み、光り輝く道のことです。

In Way of Light season, the stairs are closed at 4pm for preparing seats. And people make looong line to get the seats. Many people were waiting there from noon. In this time we booked special seats for pray. When you book the special seat, you don’t need to get in line and you can enter main hall of the shrine to pray. It costs 5000yen. But  you can book only by phone…
光の道が見られる期間は、階段は席の準備で16時には閉鎖されてしまいます。光の道を見るために昼から並んでる方がたくさんいます。今回は私たちは特別祈願席を予約しました。これを予約すると列に並ばないで光の道を座って見られるのと、その前にきちんと ご祈祷をしてもらえます。5000円かかりますが、普段できない経験ができたので予約してみて良かったです^^

Miyajidake Shrine has long been known as a shrine with good luck including success of busines, safety of your family and good health etc. And this shirine is famous for huge scared rope that is called Shimenawa. The scared rope that is most biggest in japan hangs upon the front of the shrine and weighs an 5 tons. The rope is definitely a memorable sight and was handmade by local shrine volunteers.

And not only the main hall, Miyajidake shrine is including other 8 shrine. I didn’t know how big this shrine is before visiting there. It is said that your big dream comes true if you get to all 8 shrine.

Miyajidake shrine is located in Fukuoka that is part of southern Japan Kyushyu. Best way of access is car but you can also get there by train. Nearest train staion is Fukuma station that takes about 20 minitues by express trains from Hakata station.



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