Shinjuku is one of the big cities in Tokyo. Actually, I live in this city now 😉 Even though I live in Shinjuku, there are many places I don’t know. Therefore we went for a walk at night.

Omoide Yokocho (Memory Lane)

We have known the place, but we have never walked the alley. We always just pass the entrance of Omoide Yokocho. Once we start to walk the alley, we were surprised at the retro Tokyo. I didn’t believe it is Shinjuku. The alley is tight scrum of many small bars and restaurants with lanterns. It is very narrow and wide enough for two people to pass. I heard the roots back from 1940s post-war Tokyo. We were not hungry at that time, thus we decided to have a dinner here next time!

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Tocho)

The Tokyo metropolitan Government has observation deck and it is free to get in! It provides good panoramic views of Tokyo (almost 360 degrees)🙂 It is 243 meter tall. When we went to there, there is the line but it moved pretty quickly. And the elevator ride was quick and easy to go up the tower. You can enjoy Tokyo night view from the tower. It is beautiful!


Kabukicho is always busy and there are many restaurants. There are also  lot of bright lights and neon. It is fun to choose restaurant to have dinner 😉 And it is a short walk from Shinjuku station. Next time we try to go to Robot restaurant!






都庁の展望台のなにがいいかって、無料で入れること!(笑)東京タワーやスカイツリーはお金かかるけど、ここはフリーです^^ 行った時は入り口に列をつくっていましたが、スムーズに進み、そんな長く待つこともなくエレベーターで展望台へ。やはり東京のビル夜景はきれい。レストランもありました。入ってないけれどいい雰囲気そうでした。

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