Once I saw the photo of bamboo in Kamakura, I was looking forward to going there🙂 I have been to Kamakura in several time, but I have never been to the bamboo forest yet. In sunny day, we decided to go to there! It took about one hour from Shinjuku, Tokyo to Kamakura.

The bamboo forest is in Hokokuji temple and it was very beautiful and compact. We walked through the beautiful bamboo forest again and again 😉 Not only the beautiful bamboo, we can also enjoyed Match. I love the match with the amazing bamboo view. It was quiet and peaceful temple🙂 We went to there in the early morning, so it was not crowded. Of course the temple itself and the garden were beautiful too. It was worth to go Hokokuji temple.



この竹林はきれいで、思ったよりはコンパクトでした。何度も竹林の中を行ったり来たりしました^^ また竹林だけではなく、この景色を見ながら抹茶を頂けるのがまた最高でした。都会と違いとても静かで癒されます・・♡ 私たちは朝早くから行ったので混雑もなく楽しめました。もちろん寺院自体、またお庭も美しかったです。行ってみる価値があった報国寺でした。

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