OK.It’s time to share about KYOTO! The last time I went to Kyoto is about 10 years ago..So I am happy to have a chance to go Kyoto. I already posted tons of photos of Kyoto, so I would love to start sharing these details.Today, I share about Kibune(Kifune) in Kyoto. In this Kyoto trip, Kibune is definitely one of my hightlight point. Kibune is a small town in a forested valley in Kyoto city. Kyoto in summer is very hot, but Kibune is cooler than other part of Kyoto. It is a popular place to escape the summer heat and enjoy the atmosphere. River and many nature make cool us down. In Kibune area, I highly recommend Kifune shrine and riverbed cuisine(cuisine on river)!

Kifune shirine is so beautiful with contrast-red and green! I love the stone staircase lined with red wooden lanterns. It is very Instagrammable😀Kifune shrine enshrines the god of water and rain. We can try a unique type of fortune written on slip of paper (omikuji) that reveal their messages when dipped into water. Three separate locations make up Kifune Shrine, the main shrine, Yui no Yashiro, and the Okunomiya, so we can enjoy little hiking.

Riverbed cuisine is very popular in Kyoto. It is a meal right at the riverbed. The river water runs below the deck on which you are sitting. While wrapped in the sounds of the waterfall, we can enjoy the seasonal dishes of a Japanese course meal. Kibune is made up by many traditional styled ryokan and restaurants that line the narrow road for a few hundred meters parallel to Kibune River so you can choose the restaurant within them. We can have the cuisine in only summer. I think it is very unique and must-do experience!






↓You can watch small video of riverbed cuisines(川床料理のショートムービー)↓



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