Hello, spring! In end of March, Officially Cherry blossom season in Tokyo🌸🌸 Cherry blossom is called “ sakura “ in Japanese. I don’t know why it is called “cherry blossom” in English, because it is not related to fruits cherry. ( but I think it is cute name ♡) Japanese love Sakura so we have even Sakura bloom forecast in Japan. Sakura bloom only 1~2 weeks, so it is not so easy to catch their peak. There are many Sakura spots in Japan, and I would like to share about Shinjuku Gyoen park and Yoyogi park today.

Shinjuku gyoen park is our most favorite Sakura spot in Tokyo because the park is huge and there are many Sakura trees. Not only that we can relax and picnic there. In the spring bloom season, we know the park is very busy thus we went to there in 9am (open time) and entered from Gate Ookido. Many people enter the park from Gate Shinjuku so Gate Shinjuku has looong lines every year.( only the blooming season). Many many people go to Shinjuku gyoen park for enjoying cherry blossoms, nevertheless you can still relax and enjoy the beautiful pink flowers because the park is bigJ There are many types of Sakura trees so we can enjoy Sakura for longer time comparing with other Sakura spots. I highly recommend Shinjuku gyoen park♡

Yogogi park is also big park in Tokyo, but I think it is totally different from Shinjuku gyoen park. Yoyogi park was very loud and not so clean around Sakura trees maybe because a lot of people enjoy alcohol with Sakura.( It is not allowed to bring alcohol in Shinjukugyoen park) I was very shocked many garbage and crows also there… It was not beautiful Sakura view which I love. Thus we decided to enjoy Sakura trees which are not in main Sakura trees street. Luckily, we found big Sakura trees and enjoy them♡ Ofcourse, except for blooming season, Yoyogi park is good and pleasant park to relax!





↓ShinjukuGyoen Park


↓Yoyogi Park



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